Unlimited service calls

To start with, there is no limit to the number of service calls you can have each year with the Warranteeze 5 Star Roadside Assistance.

But, just a heads up – while we say “unlimited,” we mean within reason. If someone's calling way too often, that's not really fair for everyone else. So, we have a “no excessive use” rule about not going overboard. We want to keep things fair for all our customers!

Got battery problems?

Keep your car driving longer with Warranteeze.

If you have a flat battery, we’ll get you going again with a vehicle jump start. We can also troubleshoot problems with a battery and check out your electrical system.

If you need a new battery, you can use our battery replacement service, which includes free delivery of your new battery. The cost of the new battery is extra and you simply pay for it at the time of service.

Need emergency towing?

If you require emergency roadside assistance, our tow truck services are here to help, and ready to move your vehicle to the nearest repairer or safe location.

In the city? We'll cover you for towing up to 50 kilometres. Out in the country? That distance extends to 100 kilometres.

These distances are designed to cater to most situations, but if you find yourself needing a bit extra or have another destination in mind, we can tailor our service to match your needs.

It's crucial to note that Warranteeze towing service is only for emergency roadside issues. It doesn’t include events like accidents, theft, flood, or fire etc. We can coordinate these services for you, but it comes at an extra charge.

Flat tyre?

Get going again anywhere in Australia with our prompt roadside tyre changing service. Simply give us a call and we’ve got your back.

We'll efficiently remove the flat and fit your spare, as long as it's roadworthy. However, if your wheel has seen better days or it's time for new tyres, our dependable towing service will be more suitable.

Run out of fuel?

Running on empty? Get going again anywhere in Australia with Warranteeze by your side. No Worreeze!

Just give us a call, and our emergency fuel service will be right there. One of our roadside assistance experts will provide up to 10 litres of your needed fuel, whether it's unleaded petrol or diesel. You just cover the cost of the fuel when we arrive, and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Need car hire?

If you are more than 100 kilometres from home, and you have a mechanical breakdown that has your car off the road for more than 2 days, we will reimburse you for car hire costs up to $140 per day, for up to 5 days.

Please note, this coverage is only for commercial car hire, and does not include other transport such as taxis, rideshare, trains or public transport.

Locked your keys in your car?

Locked your keys in your car? No worreeze!

Our skilled roadside assistance team will be right there to help. And if they can't get you back in, we'll send a specialist locksmith your way. Best of all? We'll cover the first $70 (including GST) of the locksmith's fee for you.

Stranded far from home after an accident?

Had an accident on the road more than 100 kilometres from your home? Stress less!

With Warranteeze's 5 Star coverage, we ensure you're taken care of. While your car gets the repairs it needs, enjoy our emergency accommodation support, covering up to $100 per night for three nights.

That's a generous benefit of $300, all designed to make your unexpected detours as comfortable as possible.

Need accommodation after a major breakdown?

Life's full of surprises, and sometimes they strike when you're far from home. Much like our accident accommodation cover, if your journey is interrupted by a major mechanical issue, you shouldn't have to worry about where you'll rest your head.

Be at ease with Warranteeze. We'll take on your emergency accommodation costs up to $140 per night for up to 5 nights. That's a solid 5 Star benefit, amounting to $700!

Going off-road? Soz!

Warranteeze 5 Star Roadside Assistance gives excellent breakdown coverage across Australia for almost every type of emergency, but there are a few situations we don’t cover.

Sorry, but we don’t include off-road cover. Warranteeze Roadside Assistance is only available on sealed or designated roads, and can’t provide roadside assistance if your car breaks down on a dirt track in the bush or the middle of a desert somewhere!

And we don’t cover your car if it’s used in a car rally or a motor race! Really? Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

Want to read the Fine Print?

Everything outlined above gives you a concise overview of the highlights from our 5 Star Roadside Assistance plan.

For a comprehensive dive into all inclusions, exclusions, and terms & conditions, we recommend having a squizz of the Warranteeze Integrity Roadside Assistance PDF.

With Warranteeze, you're assured of consistent 5 Star coverage, for any car, any time, any where in Australia. Now that’s total peace of mind!

Don't just take our word for how great our warranties are

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    I decided to purchase an extended warranty as I was hit with repair costs exceeding $3k on my previous vehicle which didn’t have warranty on it.
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    Michael - VIC

    I was a bit unsure about the whole extended warranty thing at first. But then my mate told me how good this company was, so I decided to give it a go.
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    Harley – SA

    My last car I purchased was a 2008 BMW X5 back in 2019. After only having the car for 6 months I had multiple issues mechanically.
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    Breanna – WA

    I know I was sceptical about buying an extended warranty for my car, but a friend told me about their positive experience with this company, so I did it for my peace of mind mainly.
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