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Why choose us

  • The cost is clear

    Car ownership is complicated enough, so we’ve made extended warranties simple.

    For a fixed upfront fee, you can protect your car for 1,3 or 5 years for any unforeseen issues. Service it at any qualified workshop, and if something does break, we’ll pay towards fixing it.

  • Total peace of mind

    Wave goodbye to unexpected repair bills with a Warranteeze.

    For a single upfront fee, you can drive your car as if it were fresh from the factory, knowing that if something goes wrong, we’ll pay towards fixing it.

  • Any car, any time

    Whether it’s your weekend warrior or your daily driver; a classic or a clunker...

    A Warranteeze will give you cover.

    Signing up is simple. No matter the age or value of the vehicle, if it breaks, we’ll pay towards fixing it.

  • Stress less

    There’s a lot to consider no matter where or when you buy, and the last thing you need is to worry about a warranty.

    We keep it simple. No pressure, no stress. Sign up when you’re ready from any device at any time of day. And, if you need a hand, our support team can help you online or on the phone.

Go the distance

We love cars, and we want to keep you driving yours longer knowing it’ll get fixed if the unforeseen happens.

Extend your warranty as you extend your mileage, and no matter where you are, we’ll pay towards fixing it if it breaks.

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Roadside assistance

Every Warranteeze includes 24 hour national roadside assistance. So if your car is feeling flat or blowing off steam you can call 1800 422 772 to get back on the road, anywhere in Australia, any time.

We cover flat batteries & jump starts, flat tyres, emergency fuel and lockouts. And, if we can’t get you going we offer a towing service, accident accommodation and a hire car while your repair is carried out.

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Buy better

Sometimes you can’t avoid a car-tastrophe, but with a Warranteeze you can rest assured that if it breaks, we’ll pay towards fixing it.

Open up your buying options, and get the car you really want whether its from a dealership or a private sale with the confidence of a warranty.

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Sell smarter

Warranteeze are attached to your car, not you. So you can transfer the balance to a new owner in seconds. Give them the confidence to buy, with the knowledge that if something goes wrong, we’ll pay towards fixing it.

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Get a warranty that works for you

  • New car extended warranties

    Comprehensive warranty coverage when your new car manufacturer’s warranty expires...

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  • Used car extended warranties

    More flexible lower cost alternative to a dealer warranty, and you can buy any time. Plus extra benefits...

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  • Private car sale warranties

    Get extended warranty cover for a used car you buy privately. Fully transferable if you sell privately too...

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Don't just take our word for how great our warranties are

  • star star star star star

    Louie – WA

    I decided to get an extended warranty for my car because I wanted some peace of mind knowing that I would be covered if anything went wrong.
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  • star star star star star

    Aaron – QLD

    I decided to purchase an extended warranty as I was hit with repair costs exceeding $3k on my previous vehicle which didn’t have warranty on it.
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  • star star star star star

    Michael - VIC

    I was a bit unsure about the whole extended warranty thing at first. But then my mate told me how good this company was, so I decided to give it a go.
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  • star star star star star

    Harley – SA

    My last car I purchased was a 2008 BMW X5 back in 2019. After only having the car for 6 months I had multiple issues mechanically.
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  • star star star star star

    Breanna – WA

    I know I was sceptical about buying an extended warranty for my car, but a friend told me about their positive experience with this company, so I did it for my peace of mind mainly.
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